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Under funding restrictions, schools would compete against other providers for limited Medicaid dollars. Compared to hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers, schools receive a relatively small proportion of Medicaid fundsan estimated 1 percent of total Medicaid funding as of 2014and for that reason, they could be an easy target if state budgets were stretched thin. 50 The consequences for education budgets would be devastating if Medicaid funding were significantly reduced. 51 The American Association of School Administrators recently surveyed school administrators regarding the impact that a 30 percent reduction in Medicaid funding would have on their schools. Leaders reported that reduced Medicaid funding would undermine their ability to educate children with disabilities in inclusive classrooms; force them to lay off staff; and reduce the availability of mental health services in schools. 52 Schools in states that receive a relatively higher proportion of Medicaid funds per student with a disabilitysuch as Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Texas, and Wisconsin 53 would be particularly affected by a reduction in Medicaid funds. Conclusion Rather than strengthening health care coverage for those who need it most, cutting federal funding for Medicaid would put some of the most vulnerable Americans at riskall to provide tax breaks to the wealthy few. 54 Children with disabilities and their families deserve health care coverage that supports them, enabling children to grow up healthy, meet their developmental milestones, and thrive in their schools and communities. Significant cuts to Medicaid would represent a step in the wrong direction and must be opposed. Rebecca Ullrich is a former Policy Analyst at the Center for American Progress.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/early-childhood/reports/2017/05/03/431766/cuts-medicaid-harm-young-children-disabilities/

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